Advantages of Solar Pool Heater

Solar Pool Heater

There is nothing more satisfying than swimming in a pool that is enough to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. That’s why getting a heater to make your pool can be a good idea. A solar pool heating system can be a good choice. A lot of solar providers offer solar pool heating in New Orleans. You can check several of them and pick which one can give you the best offer. Knowing the advantages of a solar pool heater can also be good before getting one. 

What Is a Solar Pool Heater?

Solar Pool Heater


A solar pool heater is a system supporting solar energy to make the water on the pool warm enough. How Does It Work? The solar heater system is consist of a structure that is consist of the following:

The solar collector is responsible for collecting energy from the sun. 

The filter is responsible for removing debris from the water before it is pumped into the collector. 

The pump is used to circulate water through the filter then back to the pool. 

Flow Control Valve is responsible for diverting water to the solar collector. 

For the Process, the water is pumped to the filter then to the solar collectors where it is heated up then it is pumped back to the pool. As simple as that and yet it can be able to give the right temperature for your pool. 

Advantages of Solar Pool Heater

Cheaper Way to Heat Your Pool 

Heating pools require high energy to be able to get the temperature and make it last longer. Using non-renewable energy can be costly and will not be able to keep your pool warm for a long time unless you have a good budget to do so. With solar heaters, it won’t cost you much and still get the desired temperature for your pool. Since it is powered by a renewable source you don’t have to worry if your source will run out. 

Environmental -Friendly Source 

Solar Pool Heater


Using gas to heat your pool can make you a contributor to pollution in your surroundings. By using solar heaters you will not be guilty of polluting your surroundings while enjoying your warm pool. Using solar energy will even help you reduce the carbon footprints and help you make the environment have less pollution


Setting up your solar heater is easy. Plus your solar provider will be doing the step up for you. The system is not that complicated just in case you need to move or operate it. The steps are easy to follow. New equipment is not needed too, since it can match with whatever your pool has. 

Minimal Maintenance 

As long as you have your solar heater checked annually, it will retain its good condition and can last for 15 to 20 years. Taking care of it and having it inspected can preserve its life and functionality. Making sure everything runs smoothly can already be enough for you to know if it needs any cleaning, repair, or replacement. Do your part and it will do its part too. 

Operates Quietly

Most machines would create noises when in use, but solar heaters work quietly so you can enjoy your swim without getting disturbed by your water heating making some annoying noise.

Makes Your Pool Temperature Ideal All Year Round 

Solar Pool Heater


Swimming is for summer as they say but why wait if you can warm up your pool anytime. Having a solar heater means a longer swimming time. Maximize your pool usage by getting a solar heater to make it usable all year round. It will be great to dip in the water every time you want to instead of waiting for the season to be hot. 

With all the advantages of a solar pool heater, you wouldn’t think twice about getting one. Make your swimming pool warm and help you relax every time you want to. It can be good equipment to have, you can have fun with your friends and family without worrying about getting colds when you swim on a cold afternoon or evening. Solar heaters can be a solution for you to stop worrying if making your pool warm can cost you more money. With the use of a solar heater, you can save yourself from paying a huge amount of electricity bills.