A Comprehensive Guide to Standard Window Sizes

window sizes

Diving into the Delicate Journey of Building Your Dream Home?

It can often be tedious, expensive, and out of our scope of knowledge. Everyone is not having the liberty of not having the maximum threshold of a dream home budget. Thus one has to pay attention to the nitty-gritty of things while choosing the material of the home. From building materials to the design of the project, everything must be taken into consideration. And if these things will overlook then the budget would go out of control. This article will help one to get into the details of window sizes. And also on how standard window sizes can curb the jumping budget of customized window sizes.

For this very reason, standard doors and windows are select by many homeowners since customize ones are way more expensive. Luckily, manufacturers have formed a compendium of standard sizes which will take off the burden of crafting, manufacturing, and installing windows.

Lower cost and standard does not mean that the customers will have to compromise on the aesthetics or size of view or the flexibility of usage. Instead, care has been taken that the owners don’t have to make such compromises and various sizes have been made in various types of windows.

In this article, various types of windows with a range of their standard window sizes have been presented. So that you can choose the best one according to your requirement.

Standard Window Sizes

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House windows are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials and one can customize them according to one’s liking preferences. Many window manufacturers also offer the standard sizes available if one is a little tight on budget. Standard window sizes are available in all types of windows, from picture windows to double-hung windows. One can select anyone from a wide range of options.

These standard window sizes can be noticed while one goes window shopping. These windows are manufacture according to the most common sizes of the rough spaces in a new home. Of course, they won’t fit in all rough spaces but they are some common window sizes that a majority of houses have. If usage of customized windows can be avoided, one must do it. Instead, they can use the extra money in adding glory to other parts of the house.

Guide on Standard Window Sizes

Standard Window Sizes

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A simple size notation has been standardized by the manufacturer. This will help you to identify the size of the rough opening that you must have for that particular window to fit in. The notation is width and height in the form of four digits. The first two digits represent the width, while the last two digits represent height.

The measurement is in inches and the whole number. This number is called an identifier with the help of which we can know which window will fit in the rough space of our house. Usually, windows are half-inch less than the identifier number.

For example, a 30” x 30” opening will measure around 29 ½” x 29 ½”. Windows will identify by the size of rough opening size but ½”  deduct from the window dimensions to ensure ease of installation. During the installation the ½” space must fit with flashing material or window frame. Then the window must center for it to function properly.

Once the installation of the window is complete, the installers shim it to fit the window securely and tightly in the rough window spaces. Here are a few standard window sizes to help you in choosing the right type.

1. Double Hung Standard Window Size

Standard Window Sizes

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If you get a chance to look around various houses, you will notice that double-hung windows are the most popular windows used in houses. With one movable sash at the top and another at the bottom, the window can move in both directions. It can move from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

Standard Window Sizes

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Due to their popularity, they are available in all sizes, and rarely would one require to customize it. This type of window is using in kitchens, hallways, and bedrooms.

The standard width of double-hung window ranges from 24” min to 48” max(61 cm – 1.2m)
The standard height of a double-hung window ranges from 36” min to 72” max(0.9 – 1.8 m)

2. Standard Window Size for Picture Windows

Standard Window Sizes

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Big, broad and beautiful, words accurately describing the aesthetics of the picture windows. This would be the number one choice for the room that has a breathtaking view and is bigger. They beautify your house and allow plenty of natural light into your house. Thus being an energy-efficient investment. They let the owner enjoy the view outside simultaneously giving a mesmerizing look at the room or the house.

The eye-catching look that these windows present to the room cannot be matched with any other type of window. These windows usually do not open, but combined with other types of windows, provide the necessary ventilation.

They are available in multiple sizes, from large to small, and thus can be used in your living room, kitchen or bedroom without any hassle. Once you find a standard window size that fits the rough window space, you won’t be needing to go for an expensive customized picture window.

Common widths of picture windows are 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft and heights can range from 1 ft to 8 ft.

The standard width of the picture window ranges from 24” to 96” (61 cm – 2.4 m)
The standard height of the picture window ranges from 12” to 96” (30.5 cm – 2.4 m)

3. Standard Window Sizes for Sliding Windows

Standard Window Sizes

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These windows are also known as sash windows. Accurately reflecting their name in the usability, these windows open back and forth on a frame track. This mechanism suits perfectly for small spaces in need of ventilation and ease of operating.

These can be an excellent alternative for casement windows where there is little room for window panes to open or where it is not easy to operate. It is a convenient option for your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Their width to height ratio is higher, so proper measurements must be taken. These measures should be taken to avoid any undesirable surprises.

Some standard window sizes have been mentioned below.

Standard sliding window widths:- 36” (91.44cm), 48” (121.9cm), 60” (152.2cm), 72” (182.9cm), 84” (213.4cm).
Standard sliding window heights:- 24” (60.96cm), 36” (91.44cm), 48” (121.9cm), 60” (152.4cm).

4. Bay Window Sizes

window sizes

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A projection window, similar in a sense to a picture window. It is an excellent addition to the aesthetics of your house. Bay window comprises three window panes, the main large one at the center with two small ones aligned at 30 degrees or 45 degrees to its sides. Its protruding structure architecturally appeals to the room while providing a larger three-directional view. It is worth the investment it demands.

The standard width of the bay window ranges from 42” to 126” (1 – 3 m)
The standard height of the bay window ranges from 36” to 78” (91cm – 2m)

5. Casement Window Sizes

window sizes

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An unusual replacement window type, hinged on both sides and opens from the middle. It will give wholesome ventilation from top to bottom. An excellent option for warm regions where there are dependencies on the breeze for ventilation. These are usually preferable over double or single-hung windows which fall in the same price range.

window sizes

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The standard width of the casement window ranges from 14” to 35.5” (35.5 – 90 cm)
The standard height of the casement window ranges from 29.5” to 77.5” (75 cm – 1.95 m)

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6. Standard Window Sizes for Awning Windows

window sizes

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An attractive and practical option for your home, these windows offer plenty of ventilation. Its design has a hinge at the top and opens outward, which helps against the rains and can be called weatherproof.

These windows are usually placed quite higher in the room, thus giving privacy to the owner and providing fresh air simultaneously. Large awning windows give a decent look to your room.

The standard width of an awning window ranges from 24” to 46” (61 cm – 1.2 m)
The standard width of an awning window ranges from 20” to 92” (51 cm – 2.3 m)

7. Custom Size Windows

window sizes

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If the standard window sizes do not fit the rough openings of your house, you have two options you can go for. One would adjust the size of the rough opening and the second would be to order the customized windows from the company.

The first option is usually the preferable one since it is less cumbersome and cheaper. While the second one can be a little heavy on the pocket.

The Bottom Line

Aesthetic architectural construction doesn’t always have to be expensive. Some smart choices can still provide you with a dream home while being on a budget. We hope that this guide to standard window sizes and their viability can help you make the right decision.

It would be wise to take the necessary measurements before diving into shopping, which will provide you with the clarity that is needed. Take the beauty of your home to the next level with these windows.

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