See Why Temporary Peel and Stick Wallpaper Isn’t Just for Your Grandma’s House

Temporary Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Wallpapers are taking the interior decor scene by storm. Despite seeing a slight dip a couple of decades ago, wallpapers are back in a big way. Temp wallpaper provides the convenience of easy peel and stick. This gives you the flexibility of easy wall upgrades to match the trends in season. Let’s see that why temporary peel and stick wallpaper is not considering as old-fashioned.

Wallpapers unique to each room are available too. For example, upgrade your little one’s nursery with nursery self-adhesive wallpaper.

Wallpapers Had a Reputation of Being Old-Fashioned:

And rightly so. Wallpapers had dull and boring designs and considering as old-fashioned. The styles and designs were limited, dull, drab, and boring. Glue is using to install these wallpapers. The glue wasn’t always of top quality owing to cheaper technologies being used.

Peeling wallpaper was always an eyesore and bringing down the complete wallpaper was even more of a headache.

Installing and Removing Wallpapers Was a Tedious Process

Temporary Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Traditional wallpapers install with the help of glue. This made the installation process difficult and time-consuming. When the time came, removing such wallpapers was tough too. Removing these wallpapers often left a residue on the walls. Such residue spoilt the walls and a lot of wall treatment was requiring before wall upgrades.

Glue makes the process of wallpaper installation complicated. So, wallpaper contractors were hired. This made the whole process expensive.

For these reasons, wallpapers were considering as old-fashioned. The use of wallpapers limits to a few houses.

Today, though, the definition and applications of wallpapers are changing. With the latest technology and innovation, wallpapers have taken a huge transformation. You can find styles, patterns, colors, designs, and different types of textures that suit every interior decor styling.

The latest technology also ensures that you can buy wallpaper at cheaper prices. Installation and bringing down wallpapers are much easier, and you can choose from the available hundreds of designs.

Let us see why temporary peel and stick wallpaper are no longer just for your grandma’s house.

Wallpapers Are Available in a Wide Variety of Styles and Designs:

Temporary Peel and Stick Wallpaper


While the choices for wallpapers were limiting, today this no longer holds true. Wallpapers are available in a huge variety of styles, textures, patterns, designs, and shades.

Whether you want to upgrade your living room or even a dining area, you will find options for every room. Upgrading your baby’s nursery? Nursery self adhesive wallpaper is your best bet.

You can even find unique wallpapers for your office areas, commercial areas, and reception areas.

Temp Wallpapers Are Easy to Install and Remove:

Most wallpapers available today have a peelable back. This makes the installation process easy. The latest technology also ensures that the wallpaper comes off easily when you want to remove the existing wallpaper.

If you like to change your wall interiors to suit the changing seasons and fashion trends, wallpapers are an excellent choice.

Easy installation and removal also mean that the process of installation is a DIY affair. It can complete on your own without hiring professional help.

Wallpapers Are the Top Choice for Renters:

Temporary Peel and Stick Wallpaper


When moving into temporary accommodation, the type of changes you can make is limited. Homeowners and homeowner associations have a strict code over the changes you can and can’t make.

When staying in such homes, dull and drab walls can dampen your mood. You need something to brighten up your home to make it cozy and warm. 

Whether it is the dark-looking kitchen backsplashes or converting the guest room into a nursery, wallpapers are extremely handy in helping you make the necessary changes without breaking the rules or breaking the bank.

The same goes for students staying in college dorms or temporarily rented places. Staying away from home for months together can often be taxing on students. Wallpapers are the best way to create a cozy environment in their temporary accommodation and create a feeling of staying at home as closely as possible.


There was a time when wallpapers were considered old-fashioned and the usage of temp wallpaper was limited to a few houses. Limited designs, tedious installation and removal processes, and huge costs were some of the reasons.

Today, vintage is a fashionable design trend. Vintage has brought back wallpapers in a big way. The affordability, versatility, and ease of use of these wallpapers are some of the reasons wallpapers are no longer limit to older houses.

Whether you have a mansion, an office, or a simple home, you can find wallpapers at every price point, and design style. Homeowners, renters, paying guests, no matter what group you belong to, wallpapers are an excellent and affordable way of creating a home of your design choice.