7 Tips for Decorating a Modern Bedroom

tips for modern bedroom decorations

Modern bedrooms should be comfortable and personalized. For that you need some tips for modern decorations. It should reflect the personality of the occupant at the same time as a space of safety and relaxation. Take time to plan how you want your bedroom to look and feel. Don’t rush the process of personalizing it. Instead, plan each furniture and accessory you want to put in your room carefully.

Here are some tips for modern bedroom decorations that you should try.

Use Subtle Colors

tips for modern bedroom decorations

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Decorators and homeowners alike when doing a bedroom renovation tend to stick to bold primary colors. But a good and more visually pleasing option would be to choose soothing shades of monochromatic tones. Based on color theory, hues of blue, green, and lavender are considered to be calm and relaxing. Jewel-toned hues are great at creating a comfortable and relaxing vibe. Some examples would be toasty browns, topaz, and deep pomegranate. You can also select the tone-down versions of your favorite colors for the bedroom like going for pumpkin instead of tangerine, and mauve instead of eggplant.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

tips for modern bedroom decorations

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Many consider the ceiling to be the fifth wall but it’s usually neglected. You get a gorgeous bedroom wall painted in rich and bold color but the ceiling is left bare and bland. You can paint it in a soft color or subtle pattern. A good rule of thumb would be to paint the ceiling in a lighter shade of the wall color. This can help create the visual illusion of a lowered ceiling thereby making the space more intimate and comfortable. You can also stencil your ceiling by adding architectural details in the form of moldings and beams.

Keep it Simple

tips for modern bedroom decorations

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A modern bedroom should be cozy and simple yet sophisticated and elegant at the same time regardless of the style of decoration. To make it easy to move around, make sure you leave a minimum of 3 feet between the bed and the wall or any other large pieces of furniture. Furnish your bedroom with only the necessary things like a bed, one or two bedside tables, a dresser, and one or two chairs. Anything else is only clutter and will only make your room look smaller and cramped. Accessories should be kept to a minimum. You can opt for a beautiful piece of artwork or arrange some family pictures.

Get the Right Furniture

tips for modern bedroom decorations

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Before going out to buy furniture, first begin with a floor plan and a drawing of the room with measurements. The pieces you’re going to get for the bedroom should fit the space and not make it look cramped and stifling. Avoid selecting a big heavy bed for a small room. Likewise, if the ceiling is high, you can choose a tall headboard to help bring it down to size. If the bedroom is large, choose the right sized furniture that will also fit the room. You can add a chair or an ottoman, or put a chest or bench at the bottom of the bed. This is one of the important tips for modern bedroom decorations.

Have a Lot of Storage Space

tips for modern bedroom decorations

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To make the room feel more serene and comfortable, store things out of sight. It will help make the room look calm and roomy. Choose a bedside table with drawers to store small things in like books, reading glasses, lotions, etc. All these things stay within easy reach but out of sight. Go for a storage bench or a trunk at the foot of the bed to store all your extra pillows, blankets, and sheets. For easy access to books and accessories, you can use a headboard with built-in sliding panels or shelves.

Splurge on Luxurious Fabric

tips for modern bedroom decorations

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There’s nothing that feels more amazing than luxurious sheets on your bed. Beautiful linens add comfort to a bedroom like no bedroom accessory can. If you want elegant sheets, then make sure you choose ones that are 100 percent cotton or linens with a high thread count – about 350 or more. To maintain the supple and soft texture of your sheets, send them to a professional dry cleaner for washing and pressing. It doesn’t cost much and it will ensure that your sheets are clean and crisp always. 

Choose the Right Mattress

tips for modern bedroom decorations

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No matter how much effort you put into decorating your bedroom, it will all be in vain if you don’t have the best mattress that’ll provide a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful sleep. Choose a mattress that isn’t too soft and isn’t too hard. Go to a highly rated mattress store with good reviews since that’s always a sign that they will accommodate and attend to your needs. Make sure you ask a lot of questions to the store attendant since when it comes to the mattress, they are the expert. And make sure you spend time to recline on each mattress and feel its comfort level.

These tips for modern bedroom decorations will surely will helpful for you.