5 Special Rugs That Make Your Interior Look Complete

Types of Rugs

A smart interior designing accessory that can create an appealing environment is the rug. With an outclass ability to transform any space instantly, rugs are considered the most elegant interior designing accessory. If you are looking for a decorating item that connects the overall decor of your room along with enhancing the visual beauty then, adding a rug is the best way to go. Fixitdesign.ae is a home of rugs, where you can see different types of rugs and every single variety of rugs at reasonable rates.

Fixing rugs in your interior is actually not a new trend. Right from the start people got awareness about interior designing, rugs have been the most essential element. But with the passage of time, there is a drastic change in different designs, styles, textures & colors. With the modern increasing trends, you can have more fascinating and charming rugs that can add a more alluring essence to your home decor. 

There is a swamp of rugs in the market with the most attractive designs that it is quite difficult for you to choose which design suits your needs. If you are looking to find one, this article will help you. 

I’ll explain the different types of rugs and the best trending designs in the market that are the best GO-TO rugs with any kind of decor. Let’s Dive in to know!!

Different Types of Rugs

Rugs are the most versatile interior designing item not only in terms of design, colors, textures, and pattern but in manufacturing techniques also. Different types of rugs are crafted with different techniques and offer an entirely unique feel. So, let’s check out the types to have a better idea of which type of rug you need. 

1. Tufted Rugs 

Types of Rugs

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These rugs look more traditional yet contemporary. Easy to craft rug but result in a luxurious look. These are relatively inexpensive rugs with the most lavishing appearance.

2. Hooked Rugs 

These twin collections of rugs almost look like tufted rugs. The only difference is in crafting technique. These rugs take a bit of time to manufacture but in the end, you have something irresistible. 

3. Flat-Weaves 

These rugs have no pile, as the name defines. These are the most finely crafted rugs that offer a clean and maintained look. Crafted with a vertical and horizontal twist and wefts. These rugs are durable and recyclable. 

4. Hand-Knotted Rugs

Types of Rugs

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These types of rugs are manufactured with so much effort. Designed with an extremely labor-intensive rug crafting technique, it takes a lot of time to prepare. These rugs add a traditional or cultural touch to your home decor. Looks incredibly appealing to the eyes. 

5. Machine Made Rugs

Rugs are prepared with the latest techniques with less human effort. The power loom machine prepares these stunning rugs within a very low time. Designed with high-quality fabric, these rugs can last long. These rugs can be replaceable if damaged. They can be used to add an artificial or fantasy touch to your home decoration. 

So, these are the different types of rugs that you must know to choose which one you want to choose in your home decor. Moreover, you can use these rugs in combination, creating a transitional effect to your interior decoration. Let’s check out the top trending types of rugs that are being used globally nowadays. 

5 Top Trending Rugs That Make Your Interior Look Complete

1. Modern Rugs

Adding a modern rug in your bedroom, living room or dining room is an instant way to transform these places. Modern rugs are designed with such textures and patterns to suit any kind of home decor and fit any interior. 

These rugs are highly durable, reliable, and supportive to protect your floor in any way. Designed with high-end soft and sloppy material, these modern rugs offer you comfortable underfoot. 

You can create an exclusively sophisticated splash in your decor with the most vibrant color shades. Modern rugs can be available in different materials to suit your designing needs. 

  1. Modern Wool Rugs
  2. Modern Cotton Rugs
  3. Modern Synthetic Rugs

2. Shaggy Rugs

The best high pile rugs with a squashy feel. Available in the most elegant colors, shaggy rugs are great at giving any space a much-needed interesting look. These shag rugs are highly comfortable, classic, and inspiring for enhancing the visual appeal of any space. Creating an interesting interior design statement, these rugs are considered the most stylish and versatile type of rug. 

The different type of shag rugs that you can add to your home decor is: 

  1. Flokati
  2. Leather
  3. Synthetic 
  4. Mixed Textures
  5. Berber

3. Sisal Rugs

Types of Rugs

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A rug manufactured with natural fibers results in inspiring natural textures. For anyone who wants to add a real feel to their home decor the sisal rug is the best to go. 

Sisal rugs can use in any room to add an essence of nature. These rugs are available in real color and textures and can fit specific exceptional decorating themes. More natural fiber rugs like sisal that can be used are:

  1. Jute Rugs
  2. Seagrass Rugs
  3. Hemp Rugs

4. Area Rugs Dubai

The most lightweight rugs can adjust anywhere. With the availability of thousands of colors, designs, sizes, patterns, and textures, these rugs are the most popular among many homeowners.

These rugs are available in different unique geometric shapes, traditional patterns, and awesome handmade designs. These practical and functional kilims look awesome in any kind of home decor and make the overall interior connected.

5. Persian Rugs

Types of Rugs

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The exclusive hand-made rugs for adding a traditional natural touch to any home decor. Crafted with higher attention to detail these are the high-quality rugs that make any place luxurious. These rugs are very much popular for creating an antique and traditional space with the most intricate designs. You can find 100+ designs of Persian rugs & all with unique elegance and sophistication. 

Persian rug can be categorized into three unique categories that are listed below:

  1. Nomadic or Tribal Persian Rugs
  2. Village Persian Rugs
  3. Traditional Persian Rugs


No matter which type of rug you choose and which design attracts you. Each and every type of rug has its own distinction and also glorifies the beauty of space in quirky ways. You must check all the designs, styles of the latest rug trends and find the most attractive piece that adds an extraordinary effect to your interior decor.