Best Wall Art for Living Room with Latest Designs & Ideas

Canvas Art for living room

Already set all the furniture in the living room and still feels that something is missing. Then add some fascinating modern wall art pieces. The new-look isn’t about getting the paint and sculptures; it should match with the rest of the pieces in your home. The current trend is that people prefer artwork with plenty of color and character. You can select any from abstract to contemporary wall art for living room. Add a lovely piece of art with a neutral backdrop to standout the art.

If you want to change the look of your living room and can’t decide what kind of decor you should buy. These decor ideas are a perfect way to enliven a dull living area. Displaying a large piece of art in your living room will obviously make the focal point of the house. These pieces will create an impactful impression without getting cluttered.

Here are eleven amazing ideas of modern wall art for living room: 

Abstract Art

Pick an abstract wall art that you love. Abstract paintings have sweeping hues with deep meaning. Fill your home with these lovely art pieces. The fantastic abstract art holds the attention of your guests. They have endless interpretations.

An abstract painting will perfectly go with contemporary and modern settings.

abstract wall art


Modern Art

Nowadays Modern art also knows as contemporary or postmodern art. Painters broke away the traditional and create beautiful artworks. You can buy paintings of Famous artists like- Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh and give your living room an artistic feel. 

Modern Wall Art


3-D Artwork

These days 3 D artworks are in trend. They kind of create a real effect and give some dimension and character to the plain walls. 3-D wall decors come in a range of designs, shapes, and sizes. You can choose between a metal or wooden panels to get a contemporary look. Metals like copper and silver bring the industrial look to your space. They look very classy and bold. If you want an extra factor, then mix the metalwork with wall art for living room.  

3D wall Art


Spring Flower Print

Flower prints are evergreen. Paint the accent wall of your living room with flowy spring flower patterns. You also chose a large flower painting and placed it on the main wall of the room. This pattern will make the atmosphere light and breezy, and you feel close to nature. These prints capture the beauty and uniqueness, and it will fill our hearts with joy.

Spring Flower art


Ocean Blue

If you love the beach and sea, then bring that blue water element in the living room. Add waves or beach portraits in the living room. Hang these paintings above your sofa in your living room. Avoid wider pieces of paintings than the sofa that will look very weird.

ocean blue wall art


Canvas Art

Australian wall art is the easiest option when you are not able to decide which decor you should put in the hall. Canvas paintings bring some pop of color to the plain white walls. From 3-D paintings to oil paintings, there are endless options in canvas art. You can select any art according to your taste and theme of your home. Newyork city layout, fall leaves pattern, and a map printed canvas are also good options in canvas art. 

Canvas Art for living room


Paint The Wall

Before painting, you can get help with painter’s tape to determine the perfect spots and get fine lines. Paint one whole wall with the same color and place artwork on it. Make sure that the paints complement the artwork that makes it stand out. Place the modern furniture to set up the whole atmosphere of the room.

living room wall paint


Wall Love

If you have a giant wall and a single piece of art didn’t work out, then place various arts on the wall. Hang the wall art in diptych style. A diptych style is an art in which two or three panels are placed next to each other, where art flow from first to the last panel. These panels could be in different colors and patterns that complement each other. Place different shapes and sizes of frames. Put pictures or paintings inside them. But make sure that these gallery art have some gap between them, so they don’t look messy.

diptych style art for living room


Show Creativity

Want a creative moment in your living room then make your art piece. It will be a fun project with your kids. Paint the little hands of your kids in different colors and then take handprints on large white canvas or sheet. Then frame it and place it above your sofa in the living. You can also include pictures of your cute pets. You can also take prints of leaves and flowers, and they will also look fantastic.

kids' creative wall art


Magical Monochromatic Look 

If you love minimalism, then go for a monochromatic theme. Dark black with little hints of grey and white will give the perfect vibe. Buy paintings that have neutral tones to it. Find the balance between the exciting and understated. These simple yet impactful artworks totally get the attention of your guests.

monochromatic theme living room


Lovely Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a great option to bring the new look to the place. They instantly transform the ambiance of the room and elevate it to the next level. There are countless options in designs in wallpapers. Shop online to make this process less tedious. Use wallpaper with some textures that will create a visual impact on the walls. They beautifully add exciting textures to the boring wall.

wallpaper for living room


Before placing any artwork, take a good look at the wall, you are going to change or modify.

Always put an artwork little less than the wall, so it looks centred. For a large wall choose series of artwork to tie up all the elements. The height of the wall art is also an essential factor; the thumb rule is to place the wall art in line of sight. So, you don’t have to look more up or down to see it. Get more amazing ideas on Interiorcraze!