11 Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Ideas to Create Stylish Space

walnut kitchen cabinets

Are you looking to revamp your kitchen cabinets? Bored of going for all those similar options? Well, if yes then you should opt for walnut kitchen cabinets. 


Because they are one of the classic choices among others for their rich and stunning look. The versatility they provide is impeccable. Along with the style, they will add warmth to your kitchen. 

And as Rachel Ray quotes, “Good food and the warm kitchen is what makes a house a home.”

You might be thinking why I am boasting so much about the walnut cabinets. The reason is a personal experience.

I have been there too when nothing seems to satisfy my requirements in terms of kitchen cabinets. I was introduced to walnut cabinets by the furniture specialist.

The option of a kitchen with walnut cabinets inspired me as well as overwhelmed me. There are so many designs available in the market and to make it even harder you have to choose between solid and veneer.

However, don’t worry! I am penning down all the research I did to make this process easy for you! So, let’s start with a little introduction to walnut wood.

Briefing on Walnut Wood

Walnut wood comes from the walnut tree found in North America, where it is also known as American Walnut. The American walnut wood is used in the making of:

  • Furniture
  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Musical Instruments
  • Wood carvings
  • Knickknacks

It is famous for its classic dark brown color, but that also varies. For example, if the wood is from the center of the tree, it can range from a pale brown to dark chocolate brown color. It can also have lighter brown, gray, or reddish tints. 

When taken from the outer layer of the tree, walnut has a light color range from creamy white to yellow. As walnut is light and easy to work with, it is more popular with woodworkers, especially in the US.

However, Why Should You Use Walnut Kitchen Cabinets?

Walnut wood is extremely classy, and sturdy. Here are some reasons why Walnut cabinets are a super favorite among homeowners:

Beautiful Material 

Without a doubt, walnut has a classy quality and that’s why it is well in demand. Its dark color can fit itself well to a variety of design styles. Walnut wood is ideal for both traditional and modern kitchens. The straight grain of the tree gives it a more premium look. Thus, you can consider it the foremost reason to choose a kitchen with walnut cabinets.

Haha! Moving on to the second one, we have


You can count walnut wood as extremely durable. Despite the regular use, walnut cabinets stay sturdy for years. Also, Walnut cabinets are more resilient against dent and water damage. If your kids ruin it by any chance, no need to scold them just wipe it up with a damp cloth.

See, now you won’t have to worry about the permanent and embarrassing stains as well!


Maintaining modern walnut kitchen cabinets is not as difficult as you think. It is easy to maintain much like white shakers cabinets. All you have to do is dust the cabinet regularly with a lint rag and your cabinets will shine like a star. You can also wipe the surface to remove dirt. 

Along with the beauty factor, you also get the plus point of stainless and low-maintenance kitchen furniture. What else do you need? With the walnut kitchen cabinet in your space, all you have to do is enjoy the meal together (that is too stress-free).

Up next, we have answers to a very overwhelming query: solid or veneer. Let’s read!

What To Choose? – Solid or Veneer Walnut? 

There are mainly two types of walnut wood which are:

  1. Solid walnut
  2. Veneer walnut 

Well, It is natural to have confusion between solid walnut and veneer walnut. Undoubtedly, walnut wood is strong, stable, and resistant to shock which ensures that your walnut floor and 

Solid Walnut 

Advantages Disadvantages
Durable More Expensive
Long-Lasting Not weather resistant
Attractive wood grain Low occurrence in native forestsza
Highly resistant to wear and tear
Stains and polishes well

cabinets will last you for years. But, what to choose may be your main concern. So, Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both of them. 

Veneer Walnut

Advantages Disadvantages
Less expensive Susceptible to water damage
Flexibility in design Requires more maintenance
Eco-friendly Less durable
Non-toxic Cannot be repaired
Formation of cracks

Thus if you want long-lasting material you should go with solid walnut. And, if the budget is the concern you can go with veneer walnut. The choice is yours!

Top 11 Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Ideas to Consider 

If you’re still confused about whether or not to go for them, read on these walnut kitchen cabinets ideas and come to a conclusion. In case of confusion, always opt for modern walnut kitchen cabinets to change the entire look of the space and take it to the next level.

Here are some walnut cabinets ideas to consider while renovating the kitchen

1. Embrace High Contrast

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: fengfa.ca

To make your kitchen look super cool try adding high contrast to the cabinets. Or you can simply go with dark walnut flooring, cabinets, ceiling, white walls, and bright pops of orange. When you do wood-on-wood work, it provides natural drama, and thus you don’t need much else for the rest of the space.

2. Combine Upper and Lower Cabinets

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: furnimeta.com

Well, having all-walnut cabinets can be quite expensive. So, if you are scared to have a full set of walnut kitchen cabinets, I have a solution for you. You can simply pair white semi-handmade fronts on the uppers and walnut on the lowers. 

This way, you can fulfill your dream of having walnut cabinets within budget boundaries. 

3. Choose Dark Accents for a Bold Design

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: made-in-china.com

The most known feature of walnut wood is its color range from light to dark. You can take it on all the designs you are trying to create. It depends on what you pair with it. For this sleek, you can apply a dark color scheme with varying textures like black floor tiles, leather barstools, etc. This will give your kitchen a smart and sexy look for sure. 

4. Add a Pop of Color

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: hzcdn.com

Using a bright splash of color with walnut cabinets may change the look of your kitchen. For example, if you mix the walnut wood with white and bright blue (you can choose the color as per your choice), it will create a happy place to cook in. 

Also, you can use a tile backsplash along with the walnut cabinets. So, if you want to give your kitchen a modern look, add a pop of color and see the magic!

5. Horizontal Cabinet Design

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: pinimg.com

Though walnut cabinets often have vertical grain, you can still design them horizontally. This long horizontal grain can show the length of the kitchen. It will add more attraction when you paired it with a black accent and white marble countertops. By doing this, you can create something new and attractive with your kitchen. 

6. Keep It Simple and Classy

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: pinimg.com

If you want to make your kitchen design timeless, keep it simple and sober. If you over-design the cabinets, they will look boring after some time. When you keep things simple and classy, your kitchen shines. Also, you can add a unique touch by pairing walnut cabinets with concrete floors.  

7. Black Walnut

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: decoracabinets.com

Black walnut is the most trending wood that people love to design with. At the time of defining other elements of the kitchen, black walnut cabinets will become the center of attraction. Also, it can spread warmth and create a relaxing environment throughout. 

8. Red Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: geccabinetdepot.com

If you want to go with red walnut, you have to be a bit careful because it matches with some specific styles. This idea can bring a relaxing and warm vibe to your kitchen. 

Moreover, your kitchen can get a fancy look with its fascinating and vibrant hue. It is also noticeable that vintage look homeowners prefer red for their kitchen. 

9. Apply Rustic Designs

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: amazon.com

Rustic design is the pattern and grains on wood. That means you can style your drawer with a wood pattern on them. Well, this design is ideal for kitchens having few cabinets. So, if you have large kitchen space and need more cabinets, you should not go with a rustic design. 

10. Modern Walnut and White Kitchen

walnut kitchen cabinets

Source: homeandlivingdecor.com

People generally use white color for the kitchen as a modern style to make them look stunning. If you use walnut cabinets with white color, it can add life to your kitchen. For example, you can place modern walnut kitchen cabinets with a white interior. It can bring a natural look and the kitchen will shine forever. 

11. Walnut Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops

walnut kitchen cabinets ideas

Source: nmhmedia.sk

Pairing the dark walnut cabinets with white countertops can be a good idea and budget-friendly as well. You should use this concept if you want to balance the tone of the kitchen. You can prevent your kitchen from being too gloomy. 

There are various materials available that you can use for white countertops such as wood, tile, stone, or walnut with paint. You can select as per your choice and requirements. A variety of designs is available nowadays with which you can create an extraordinary kitchen.

The Wrap-Up

So, what is the takeaway of the article? Walnut kitchen cabinets are beautiful, classy, versatile, and won’t ever go out of fashion. They may be quite expensive but that is due to their durable features, which also makes them last a lifetime with the proper care.  

If you wish to have a walnut cabinet but don’t want to purchase a full set, you can simply decorate your kitchen with walnut fronts or lower cabinets. 

What are you still waiting for? Go for walnut kitchen cabinets, and make your house a home. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned with us for more interesting articles.

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