What Colors Go with Brown? – An Interior Designer Approved Answer!

what colors go with brown

From years people have believed going with natural tones. As time went by, everything changed, the one who was near to natural tones as the preferable color for home designing started shifting to pastel colors.

We ain’t saying pastels colors are not good, they are excellent in their own sense, but you can never compare the beauty of brown or like colors with them. Brown and green are the colors that reflect the beauty of nature.

Millennials are going back to an old era embracing all the colors they loved and incorporated. So what is brown color? Which style happily welcomes these earthly colors? What colors go with brown?

There are many unanswered questions revolving around the mind of designers as well as decorators and homeowners. To know about the contrasting colors complimenting brown, you will need to know about the Brown color itself.

What is Brown Color?

Brown is a composite color. It is a mixture of red, yellow, blue or red, yellow, and black. Brown is a universal color that you will find everywhere, from earth’s element to your skin’s pigmentation. It is a neutral color, so while selecting a contrasting color you will have to be very cautious.

One wrong selection in the shade and the entire look will get ruined. So to help you with selecting the colors that will go with brown, we have come up with this article. Let’s get to the topic.

What Colors Go With Brown?

Get your paint color catalog in hands, and mark down the best colors that you can get painted on your walls with brown. Even if you are going with a brown accent you will need to know with which color it will look best.



source: ofdesign.net

White is known for its subtle and calming aura. It enlightens the room with its brightness. Brown is a dark color, the combination of both colors will create a dramatic and traditional outlook.

Look at the living room with brown as the main color, where white is creating a focal view. The crisp white furniture pieces, wall, and decoratives placed are enhancing the beauty of the brown room.



source: livingspaces.com

Brown is warm color and blue has cooler color tones. They both go well with one another, it’s like they are made for each other. Blue harmonizes the whole ambiance of the area with brown color, be it as a main wall color or incorporated in the furniture.

Here the bedroom has a brown color in furniture but it has an equal impact on the outlook. The blue textured paint on the back wall with wooden furniture and flooring is creating a relaxing vibe in the room.


what colors go with brown

source: graindesigners.com

Yellow is a bright color. The presence of this color makes the aura of the room joyful and playful. When blended well with the brown shade it can create a royal as well as a comfortable area to stay. Brighter shades of yellow will go better with it.

This kid’s bedroom has the perfect amount of brown and yellow color. The light brown furniture is complementing well with the entire setup.


what colors go with brown

source: thesleepjudge.com

Whether you are going for a traditional appeal or the modern one, the combination of these trending colors will rock with everything. They allow you to create a versatile design appeal of the room.

Here in this bedroom, the designer has kept the back wall registered with brown, and to add the modern and sleek effect, turquoise color is used for the sidewall. The decoration is done accordingly.


what colors go with brown

source: wallpaperbetter.com

Fuchsia has the feminine and energetic element in it. The color tones of both the colors together make a sophisticated place. Baby pink can seem too girly, but fuchsia won’t. It brightens the neutral color with its pinkish elements.

The room with a kitchen, dining area, and living room, with brown furniture and main color, has the Fuchsia as an accent color. The color is incorporated with furniture and decor pieces.


what colors go with brown

source: houzz.com

Wishing for a royal and elegant outlook for the room? Copper and gold are the colors that will add the perfect amount of royalty to the room. The red undertones of copper will give you a warm, welcoming, and energetic view in the place.

Here in this living room, the designer has added the copper focal frame on the fire mantel and in the pillows and furniture. The brown color is displayed on the wall and furniture frames. The whole combination is creating a royal outlook.


what colors go with brown

source: houzz.com

Just like copper, gold also enhances the entire view with extra royalty. The yellow undertone brightens the area. Gold alone can be too bold but when paired with brown it tones down a bit and results in a warm area.

You can add a gold accent in the room by placing furniture, in the pattern of the rug, or in the form of room decoratives.


what colors go with brown

source: pinterest.com

With hundreds of shades, only a few shades of purple can make it up with brown. One such color is plum. You can go with the purple and brown combination along with gold as an accent, the effect it outgives is mesmerizing.

The plum or dark shade of purple with the wooden cabinets or flooring will make a perfect match. You can add the purple color to the curtains when brown is the main wall color.



source: decoracaodecasa.com

Orange is defined as a warm-toned color, and its warmth is ideal for a neutral color like brown. Make your modern house more trendy with the hipster look. The output of this combination will make you and everyone go wow.

The combination of orange and brown will work for every corner of the house, be it a garage, kitchen, living room, dining area, or bedroom. However, it is not so cool option for the pantry and bathroom.


what colors go with brown

source: pinterest.com

Mint the chilled color tone of the green family add the brightening effect to the room. Not just mint, you can go with any shade of green. These two natures color makes a great combination of the farmhouse or natural look.

Whether you keep mint or green as a primary color in the palette or just an accent, it will create a mind-blowing look. Get close to nature look by going for this color combo.

Have a Breathtaking Brown Themed Room:

These all are the colors that go with brown. Select any of these and have a mind-blowing area to look at! Work up your creative mind and come up with unique ideas to fuse them in your room. For more ideas on designing interiors, visit Interiorcraze.