Get to Know About What Do Interior Designers Do?

What Do Interior Designers Do

If you’ve ever been involved in a construction project, you know how important an interior designer is for the successful completion of that space. But most people may not be aware of what exactly interior designers do for a project. 

If you’re building a home in Colorado, beginning a remodeling project, or constructing any kind of commercial space, an experienced Denver interior designer can help you bring your vision to life. These highly-trained and formally educated professionals thrive on overseeing a project from the initial plan to the final walkthrough. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how interior designers make it all happen. 

What Is an Interior Designer?

What Do Interior Designers Do


Many of us fail to recognize the intricate design process that went into the construction of our homes, offices, and any other interior space. Safe, functional, and beautiful spaces don’t simply pop up overnight. An effective interior design requires the work of many different professionals, including contractors, architects, engineers, craftsmen, and yes, interior designers.

But what exactly is this profession and what do they do? Interior design is a specialized profession that requires knowledge of architecture, construction, and design principles. Interior designers work on a project from start to finish, beginning with the initial planning phase all the way up through the final walkthrough.

As they play such a large role in the successful construction of a space, they must be trained and licensed to ensure that the spaces they design are safe, usable, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Interior Designers vs. Interior Decorators

It’s easy to hear these two different professions and just assume that they are the same thing. But this just isn’t true. While there are similarities, there are key differences between interior designers and interior decorators. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between interior decorators and interior designers.

Interior decorators play a pivotal role in transforming a space from livable to beautiful. You can think of an interior decorator as a personal stylist for a space. Interior decorators focus on making a space more aesthetically pleasing by focusing on details such as the color palette, furniture, accessories, and the arrangement of key features.

Generally, interior decorators enter the picture after the construction has been completed. They add the finishing touches to your space and can help homeowners select the right fabrics, paint, or furniture features to turn their vision into a reality.

An interior designer, on the other hand, plays a much more active role throughout the entire design and construction process. Interior designers have formal degrees and specialized knowledge that enables them to work on various aspects of the construction or remodeling process. 

If an interior decorator puts the icing on the cake, your interior designer is the one baking the cake from scratch. They work closely with many other professionals, including architects and builders, to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

They also serve as a direct line of communication between these professionals and the property owners to keep the project on time and on budget. Their experience and specialized knowledge allow them to look at your project from a higher level and make sure it meets your goals. 

What Do Interior Designers Do?

What Do Interior Designers Do


Now that we know a bit more about the interior design profession; it’s time to get down to what these experts actually do. Interior designers are essential for the successful completion of any design or construction project. Whether it’s a home remodel or the construction of a city hospital, interior designers bring the creative imagination to life.

In many cases, the interior designer for a project will be directly hired by the architect or planner. For smaller projects, such as a home remodel, the homeowners may hire the interior designer themselves or receive a referral from a contractor or architect. Interior designers work intimately with everyone who is involving in the project.

This includes the architect, planners, construction crew, and of course the property owner, to keep everyone on the same page. This allows them to ensure that the property owner’s vision is maintained and respected throughout the entirety of the process.

Using the architect’s initial plans and design, the interior designer will work to make the space functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing—all while aligning with the property owner’s plans and requests. Interior designers must look at a project from every angle to ensure its success.

This means considering key details, such as safety codes, city or county regulations, functionality, accessibility, and even the acoustics of the space. In essence, their work brings the building to life and makes it so much more than just an interior space. 

Conclusion – What Do Interior Designers Do? 

Interior designers are essential for the creation of a safe, functional, and beautiful living space or workspace. More than simply someone involved in the decorating stage of a project; interior designers work on the construction of space from start to finish. From the initial planning and design phase, all the way up to the final walkthrough; interior designers ensure that the building meets the design specifications and tastes of the owners.

But what exactly do these professionals do? Interior designers work closely with the home or property owners to ensure that the construction is executed as planned. Generally, the earlier an experienced interior designer becomes involved, the better the result.

They’ll work with the architect, project manager, and construction specialists as the project gradually come to life. Interior designers also help to ensure that projects stay under budget and are completed on time in an efficient manner. To transform a vision into a property reality, interior designers are absolutely essential. 

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