8 White Granite Countertops for a Gorgeous Kitchen

white granite countertops

For the ones looking for an essence of coolness and neat aesthetics, white granite countertops are the best options. A white-colored granite, if added to the kitchen, can offer a unique visual appeal with a timeless quality.

Marble has been a standard in kitchens since the incorporation of stone worktops. Today, that style is still stunning, but many homeowners are opting for white granite kitchen countertops to achieve that fresh, bright-white appearance.

Marble is more readily scratched, stained, and etched, but granite, when properly coated, is practically unbreakable.

Get Familiar with Granite…

white granite countertops

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Granite is a coarse-grained, light-shaded igneous rock which is mostly quartz and feldspar, with some amphibole particles and mica thrown in for good measure. 

It has noticeable grains and is tougher than marble. This natural stone is simply referred to as “granite” by those in the granite industry who construct, sell, and buy cut stone slabs for further usage. 

Granite is used to making common items such as worktops, walls and floor tiling, pavement, staircase, curbs, and building veneer and saving space of the kitchen.

Granite is quarried from the ground and carved into slabs or cubes. The dimensions of these granite blocks and slabs must be precise in terms of length, thickness, and breadth. Based on all these qualities, the granite industry employs these slabs for a variety of reasons.

Minerals and Granite Colors 

white granite countertops

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Granite’s hues are determined by the mineral deposits that compose. Granite’s tints and textures are created by the minerals quartz, feldspar, amphiboles, mica, and potassium.  The concentration of these components in granite determines the appearance of the stone.

Here is a table demonstrating the mineral and hues they give off in granite.

Mineral Composition Colour
Quartz  Milky White Shade
Feldspar  Off-white 
Biotite  Black or Dark Brown
Amphibole  Dark Green or Black
Muscovite  Metallic Gold or Yellow
Potassium Feldspar Mineral Salmon Pink

Granite comes in a variety of colors, including black and white granite, pink, red, blue, and green granite. These granite colors can be chosen to offer your kitchen enhanced aesthetics.

White Granite for Fresh Appearance

White granite countertops are true pieces of art with a variety of hues, veining, and coloring patches. The majority of the time, you’ll see a lot of tiny black amphibole granules.

White-colored granite is the most traditional of all the granite varieties. Its one-of-a-kind, ageless beauty is highly valued in home decor. White granite countertops have an attractive, crisp, and traditional aesthetic that effortlessly integrates and compliments both home and commercial interior designs. 

White granite kitchen countertops, whether grey-flecked, dark shades’ stained, ivory-threaded, or faintly blue, convey millennia of natural processes into the design.

8 Uniquely Detailed White Granite Countertops

Alaskan White

white granite countertops

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The name Alaska White reflects its roots. The beautiful combination of cold and warm hues in this white-colored granite, including ice silver, snowy white, rich chocolate, and deep ebony, reflects the spectacular Alaskan scenery. 

This granite has a modern feel to it, with a subtle flow and mild changes in color, tone, grain, and pattern. It goes well with both lighter and darker cabinets. Its brown veining complements wood well.

Alps White Granite Countertops

Brazil Royal White Granite Slabs White Polished Granite Stone Slabs - Granite Slabs

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Glistening white crystals, Bordeaux specks, and strong black contrast against a warm white backdrop is characterized in Alps White granite. This elegant hue complements a wide range of design trends, from classic to modern kitchens. 

Alps White offers modest movement and variety for extra aesthetic appeal, whether you’re seeking gorgeous white granite countertops or a dazzling background, or interior details.

Grey and White Granite Countertops

white granite countertops

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In this highly efficient, low-maintenance stone, soft tones of white and grey granite mix with beige and charcoal accents. 

Andino White granite has a consistent layout that ranges from dazzling white to a more subdued hue based on the slab. Grey and white granite countertops are extremely adaptable, complementing both light and dark cupboards. This granite looks well with natural wood for a more classic look.

Creamy Colonial White

Colonial Cream Granite Countertop Slabs for sale in Memphis, TN | Pro Stone Countertops

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Colonial White granite countertops include black spots and smoky silver accent colors over a creamy off-white base foundation. Colonial White is further distinguished by a touch of rose pink on it. It is the best choice for those looking for a light granite color that adds warmth to the kitchen. 

White granite countertops soften a space when coupled with bright white cabinetry while offering dramatic effect when coupled with darker cabinets. Colonial White has a consistent and coherent look because of its moderate movement and variety.

New River White Granite Kitchen Countertop

white granite countertops

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This beautiful light granite color is studded with dark crimson specks and rich silvery veins. New River White has a lot of diversity, making it a bold and dynamic complement to any space.  Other granites may include mineral deposits that look like New River White’s red highlights, but only this hue has them in such quantity.

The greatest approach to show off New River White countertops is to choose cabinets that emphasize this aspect. White cabinets are a natural match for this white granite, but darkened cabinets can offer a pleasing contrast.

Moon White Granite

white granite countertops

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Moon White symbolizes the opulence suggested by its name. The hues that fleck and flow in this delicate and complex light-colored granite include bright white, silver-grey, and dramatic black. Moon White is one of the lighter granite colors, with a little yellow tint. It has a very consistent hue when matched to other white granites, and its distinctive look has been characterized as “mesmerizing.” 

Moon White, like many granite hues, is extremely adaptable.  Sleek white cabinets, a white subway tile background, and steel appliances complement the Moon White granite.

Mystic Spring

white granite countertops

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The delicate, complex combination of shades of grey and whites in this resilient light granite is accentuated by dramatic speckles in tones of deeper grey and jet black. Mystic Spring granite is known for its versatility, as it goes well with a wide range of other high-end materials, from porcelain to mosaics. 

Mystic Spring white granite countertops are an uplifting complement to classic décor and radiate refined warmth when paired with darker tones because of their relatively consistent movement and variety.

White Ice Countertop

Quartz Countertops Layton UT | Out Of The Woods Custom Cabinetry

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Words like “loving” and “obsessed” commonly appear in discussions about White Ice granite among homeowners. The white shine of these white granite countertop colors is enhanced by dark veining in blue and grey tones in this diverse and stylish shade. 

A modern, cool-toned kitchen would benefit from this sleek and minimalist aesthetic. While many colors compliment White Ice, greys, metallics, and stainless steel are all excellent options for this pale granite with little movement. Contrast that ‘pops’ is achieved by using dark tones.

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Why White Granite Kitchen Countertops?

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If you’re seeking fresh kitchen countertops, white granite is a great option. The following are some of the benefits of opting for white granite countertops colors:


Light granite color can liven up your kitchen and leave a strong overall experience of the kitchen. Each block of white granite has flecks and variances that make it distinctive.

Widened Look

White granite countertops brighten the kitchen and make it appear larger. It can add dimension to the living area and offer it a pleasant, airy sense, even if you have a tiny kitchen or desire to make your large one further magnificent.

Complements Decor

White granite blends perfectly with any other tone in the kitchen. You could choose a bold contrast to a black carpeting or a soft changeover from neutral cabinets. You can pick the precise hue you want to complement your kitchen design because they come in a variety of colors.

Ageless Appeal

White is a classic shade and it will never go out of style. It may be used in a traditional look or a contemporary decor.


Because granite is one of the toughest natural stones, it can endure the majority of kitchen activities. Granite is anti-stain, heat, and scrape resistant when properly sealed. As a consequence, you can rest assured that your white granite countertops will look great for many years.

Easy Maintenance

If you stay consistent with your cleaning regimen, white granite kitchen countertops are simple to keep clean and maintain.

Light Granite for Practical Appeal

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Choosing one from the white granite countertops can be overwhelming with so many options and veining patterns in each one of them. Go for the one that makes your kitchen stand out and serves as a practical solution with great durability.

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