Is Your Home Winter Ready? – Checkout Coziest Winter Decorating Ideas

winter decorating ideas

Winter is coming!

Shut up! Winter is already here.

It’s okay if you didn’t decorate your place during summers, but it is definitely not okay if you are going to keep your place plain in winters too. Winter decorations are essentials, and the reason is a warm and cozy feeling. And it won’t consume much time too, you recently did the decoration for thanksgiving and are planning for Christmas too. So you can combine them both and create the perfect inviting space for family and friends. We have already given you tips on Christmas Interior Designs Ideas, so in this article, we will focus on winter decorating ideas only.

Before starting-off, we would like to ask you something, what kind of feeling you will love in winters for your home to wave-off when you enter? Warm, cozy, and of-course inviting, right? So keep all three emotions in your mind while decorating. 

Let’s name the things that can add a warm and cozy feeling to the home. Candles, greenery, plush fabrics, firewoods, pine cones, summery colors or winter hues, pillows, warm throw blankets and rugs, etc.
Now you have an idea about the elements you can add for the winter home decor.

Let’s move on to the winter decorating ideas. Everywhere you will find 10+ or 50+ decorating ideas of which there will be repetitive on wall decor, door, mantle, fireplace, etc. No-one is pointing out the exact home decor ideas. Home decor ideas should reflect the ideas on how to decorate each room. 

When everyone is neglecting it, we have made a pact to provide you with the best winter decor ideas right from your door to the backyard. Let people praise you for decor ideas along with the best food you make! 

Here we go…

Make Your Door Welcoming

main door winter decorations


The first thing that gets noticed (or you can say judged!) is a door. You can’t neglect it. The best decor for the door is a wreath. Wreaths are made for doors only! But gone are the days when only circular wreaths were the most sought one! Now you can create it in any shape. This year go for flower bouquet (fresh ones will be appreciated!) at the door. It’s not an issue if you want to go for traditional wreath too, just make sure you add winter flowers or pine cones to the wreath.

A Place for Winter Mud-off

winter decorating ideas


Make a specified area for taking that snowy mud off before you enter the space! But make it more organized. Keep a table at the entrance and above it on the wall set a hanger to hang the coats, and below table, there should be enough space to keep shoes. To add the warming effect, place the throw rug near the table.

Light-up Living Room

Living Room winter decorations


The living room can’t be explained in one single point. It is the room where your guests are going to be most of the timing. So it should be more lightened-up and warmth-giving. The living room has many areas where you can decorate like, mantle, fireplace, sofa set, windows, and walls. At this point, we will give the ideas describing the first three areas, others have been covered in the later sub-points.

  • Mantle: For the mantle decoration, you can go for garlands or antique collection display. And on the upper wall of mantle place mirror or frame.
  • Fireplace: Decorate fireplace by arranging a firewood bouquet on one side and flower bouquet on the other. Or go for lantern display.
  • Sofa Set: There’s nothing much in decorating the sofa sets but still, add some plush textured pillows and a throw blanket to get cozier while watching a movie. 

Tastier Dining Table

Dining Table winter decorations


The dining table also deserves some enhancing look. You would need a centerpiece for Christmas decorations. Get or create one earlier so that you can use it as winter decorating ideas too. Other than that, you can also add light fixtures of different shapes and sizes. Take-off that regular chandelier and fix the antique and rustic one!

Look at the World More Creatively – Window Decor Ideas

window winter decoratins


Windows are made for people to see the world even from their comfort zone. Why leave them plain? There’s nothing much you can do with the windows. Some fairy lights, tasseled, or pom-pom garlands will work great. You can also stick snowflake stickers on the window to decorate it in a more winter way!

Plush Bedding in The Rooms

bedroom winter decorations


Okay! We added this so that you can make your bed extra cozier and winter-ready. No fairy lights or pine cones will work. All you need is bedsheets and blankets of plush fabric. You can show creativity in color and texture selection of the same. For colors go for, winter hues, or pop colors, there’s no in-between. And for texture, we have always said ‘plaid’ is new fashion this festive season.

Don’t Make the Bathroom Feel Left Out!

bathroom winter decorations


Though you aren’t going to use the bathroom for a longer time in winter, it should be warm (at least a little bit). Add nature’s effect in the bathroom and some antique flower vase with lightings. Get a small fir tree and pine cones to decorate the bathroom.

Make Walls the Center of Attraction

wall winter decorating ideas


House is made-up of walls. So you have plenty of walls to play with, but you should not show your creativity on every wall. It will look messy. The back wall of the living room (the one behind the sofa set), the front wall of a bedroom, etc. are some of the walls that you can enhance. For decoration, you can go with a panoramic display of natural beauty, change in wallpaper, get wall stickers, etc. 

Winter-warming Backyard

backyard winter decorations


Backyards are meant to be filled with green plants. Instate different types of plants and flowers in your backyard in a creative way. Plaid table cloth with the arrangement of rustic chairs to feel the winter at its best. And to add the warmth giving element place a portable fireplace near the tea spot.

Welcoming The Winter:

winter decorating ideas


So basically, winter decorating ideas are all about making your place warmer and cozier. Here in this blog you saw, how our experts added the elements of greenery to the decor, and the plaid fabric, and for color, their recommendation is ‘pop’ or ‘winter hues’ (pastels). Using these ideas, you will be able to make your place winter-ready. This winter, your home will give you warm hugs after the long tiring and chilly day-out (weather at the office or partying). Start decorating and Happy Winters! To know more about the interior decor of the house visit Interiorcraze.