First Time Buyers Guide: Inventing In A Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves

The festive period is now well and truly behind us, but while the cheese and crackers have come to an end, the cold weather is most certainly far from over. It’s a time of the year where life returns back to normal but the enjoyment of sitting around the fireplace with your loved ones never fades away. With the latest lockdown restrictions forcing us to spend more time at home than ever, it’s the perfect time to reach into the saving and invest in something that will bring your positive memories for years to come with wood burning stoves. 

Why Chose A Wood Burning Stove?

Not all properties have a fireplace built into the design of the structure, this leads to the cost of a traditional wood-burning fireplace going through the roof id you decide to go with this option. A wood-burning stove gives you a much more cost-effective alternative which not only keeps installation costs down but they are a lot easier to maintain if you are a first-time fireplace owner. 

Wood Burning Stoves


Finding The Right Wood Burner Size 

Often wood burners are chosen for their small size there are still a wide variety of options out there on the market that you need to choose from. The average Woodburner size is around 412mm wide and 560mm tall which is more than suitable for most properties. If you are looking to heat a larger living space, for example, an open plan kitchen you might want to choose a model that is slightly larger with a better capacity for firewood. 

Selecting Fuel Type Capability 

Of course, the most common material you will be burning within your stove is wood but it’s crucial that you take into consideration all your options. There are other fuel types that you may want to use in the future to offer better efficacy and a cleaner burn. Charcoal is an example of a solid fuel type that lends itself perfectly to your new fireplace. If your a first-time buyer and you’re not 100% certain about the fuel type you’re looking to use we highly recommend that you go for a multi-fuel option. 

Choosing The Correct Fuel Outlet

Every home is different, some will be looking for their fuel outlet to head straight through the nearest wall and others may be looking to feed it up the chimley to take advantage of the existing structure. Regardless of your situation make sure that the wood-burning stove that you invest in has an interchangeable fuel outlet. This means that no matter where your fireplace is located, you will always be able to effectively deal with any fumes produced. 

Wood Burning Stoves


Finding The Perfect Finish 

All fireplaces have their own design flair which makes them suitable for different homes. When you invest in your first fireplace it’s important that you take your time to ensure that you get the design right so that it blends in with your interior decor with ease. If you have bright colored sofas within the living space you should go with a light grey steel finish. Alternatively darker furniture offers a chance to chose a black fireplace. 

DEFRA Approved Stove

The Defra Smoke Exempt Appliance system refers to a set of government-managed requirements that help ensure that the emission levels are allowed to produce during all stages of normal operation. This is especially important if you want to take into consideration your environmental impact. All fireplaces are going to emit carbon into the environment but by choosing a Defra Smoke Exempt Appliance you can be sure your fireplace is doing this at safe and regulated levels. 

Wood Burning Stove Brand

When buying a wood-burning stove you will quickly realize that there are plenty to chose from. At first, it can be very overwhelming but when you take the time to understand the difference between the brands it’s a much simpler decision. A similar process to what you would do when buying a new phone, if you speak to an expert they can help indicate the key advantages each brand offers. You can also choose to purchase a local brand,  not only will this help ensure that you are supporting your local community but it means any repairs and spares won’t be hard to get hold of. 

We hope that you have found this first-time buyer guide useful if you have any further questions we highly recommend that you head on down to your local fireplace showroom. For example, if you’re looking for a fireplace in Leeds you should head to a Leeds based fireplace company that can help you make the right decision.