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Hey Folks,

Welcome to InteriorCraze’s Write For Us page.

We appreciate that you want to write a guest post for us. We are always searching for content that can make our readers happy and help them get useful information.

Your content will be approached by the house owners, creators, as well as designers. So the quality content is preferable. What is quality content? – The content that can provide necessary and useful information instead of irrelevant knowledge. We have mentioned some guidelines to follow for the creation of quality content.

Before we move there, let’s learn a few things about our website. The InteriorCraze provides solutions to interior problems related to designing, decorating, or even renovating. Our writers provide an extensive guide on interior designs for all kinds of rooms and spaces.

By writing for us, you will also get the platform to showcase skills and expertise in the field. Open-up your creative mind and let your thoughts flow down and reflect in your content. Our team members will supervise your content and provide feedback accordingly. You will have to make changes (if any) and resubmit it.   

Guest Post Policy and Guidelines

Quality Requirements:

When you curate content, there goes a lot of hard work and research. So, even before you start drafting outlines for ‘interior design write for us,’ look at the quality requirements we accept.

  • Content must have a minimum of 800 words. However, there’s no restriction you can write more than that. This way, you will provide comprehensive information to our audience. 
  • The title should be attractive and eye-catching, describing the main motive of the article. Make sure the writing style is engaging enough to make an enjoyable reading time for the audience.
  • The structural content with subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs is loved. The short paragraphs with a maximum of 70-100 words won’t bore the reader and hold them till the end.
  • The content should be freshly brewed and not copied from somewhere else. Don’t send us the spin article. Our content editors will know, and it will get rejected.
  • English is the only preferred language for the article as it is the primary language for most of our audiences.

Preferred Topics and Subjects:

Selecting a topic or the subject for interior design is not that hard, but still, to provide you with the options, we have made a list. You will also get the idea from the blogs on our website.

  • Bathroom Interior
  • Bedroom Interior
  • Kitchen Interior
  • Living Room Interior
  • Outdoor Living
  • How To’s are also acceptable (DIY Guide)

If you still feel like discussing the topic first and then start writing, send us the mail. We will reply to you ASAP and help you in finalizing the perfect subject.

Link Requirements and Policies:

Content with spammy links can harm the website. So we have mentioned a few points on link requirements and policies.

  • The external link that you want to give should be relevant to the topic of the content. Also, you can add as many as you want.
  • There should be at least one internal link in the content to take the reader to one of our blogs and provide more information about the topic.
  • You can place one link to your website in the article. However, it should take the reader to the relevant page or blog.
  • We also have an author bio section, so don’t forget to send us the descriptive bio, name, and image with the link to your social media channels.
  • We don’t accept content with the affiliated links from the guest post author’s side. The links will be removed or changed if found any.

Post Image Requirements:

Content with pictures or videos tends to get more views. So we prefer articles with images or videos. However, we do have guidelines for them as well. Read below:

  • The dimensions of images should be 1200*722 pixels.
  • Ensure you have all the rights for the image or video you provide. If not, cite the source. You can also take photos from the free platform like Pexels.

Editorial Rights

Please, note that we have the right to edit your content for grammatical errors and engagement issues. Don’t feel offended if we ask you for too many changes. Our main motive is to provide exceptional information in an entertaining way possible.


We have a team of SEO and social media experts to make sure about your content’s proper promotions. You should also promote it on all the available resources.

Where to Submit?

Once you have written the article, do the proofreading, reviewing from your end, and submit it to us on [email protected].

Your content will be re-reviewed here by our in-house content editor, and he will make sure about the engagement. If the content is as per our guidelines and good to go, it will be uploaded on the website.

However, if there are changes to make in the content, you will receive a mail requesting you to do so. Once the article is on the website, you will receive a live link and the acknowledgment through the mail.

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Thank you for taking an interest in guest posting on our website. We will be waiting for your mail with an article or the query.