9 Amazing Ways to Achieve a Modern Style Kitchen

modern kitchen designs

The kitchen is an essential part of our home. In the kitchen, you prepare delicious food for you and your family. You can’t ignore it because you do regular cooking in your kitchen. The modern kitchen designs help us to prepare our meals quickly. You can upgrade your kitchen in many ways.

Below are some extraordinary ideas that you can apply to your kitchen and make them modern:

Ultra Modern:

Nowadays, the modular kitchen is in trend. The modern kitchen interior design consists of Bold lines and flat planes. You can use materials like glass, real wood, and steel to get a look of a modular kitchen. The ultra-modern kitchen has clean and defines cuts. You can include some striking lines and bold color patterns on the wall. It provides both luxury and simplicity to you.

Ultra Modern

Source: thespruce.com

Contemporary Style:

You can never go wrong with this style of kitchen. The contemporary kitchen is a perfect mixture of urban and traditional style. It is more practical and easy to maintain. You can add neutrals color palettes to get this look. It equipped with a stove, sink with hot and cold running water sink and refrigerator.

Contemporary Style

Source: kitchencraft.com

All About Textures:

You can use different textures and materials to enhance your kitchen. Add some cool tones built-in cabinets or a textured counter top. You can also use different types of tiles like terracotta, cement tile, and mosaics. You can include some different flooring textures. It will make your kitchen unique and represent your style in a modern way.


Source: hsmagazine.digital

Go Rustic:

Rustic is a style statement in a modular kitchen. You can use copper cookware and cutlery. Structural lights and pendant lights will give a rustic feeling. You can use warm tones and wrought iron hardware. Old Metal and steel furnishing will give you both edgy and rustic look.


Source: midcityeast.com

Industrial Vibe:

The Industrial kitchen is identified by having exposed brick walls and concrete walls. It consists of rough and irregular design elements. You can achieve this by adding reclaimed wood selves, unique bar stools, or by adding filament bulbs in lighting.

Industrial Vibe

Source: hgtv.com

Open Concept:

The open kitchen concept is popular nowadays. It is the elimination of the walls and doors and makes the area accessible to the other parts of the room. It includes a dining area and a living room along with the kitchen. With this type of cooking area, you never feel left out in the kitchen. You can prepare meals and also enjoys with other family members.  

Open Concept

Source: freshome.com

The Monochromatic Theme:

If you are a minimalist, so monochromatic theme-based kitchens are best for you. You can either do a classic white or a dark black theme. It is simple, sleek, and looks like you put a lot of effort to design it. You can place the same color cabinets into your kitchen to achieve the monochromatic look.

Monochromatic Theme

Source: architecturaldigest.com

Elegant Marble:

Marble is an evergreen element. It never goes out of fashion. When you add marble material in your kitchen, it instantly adds a wow factor in your kitchen. You can use marble counter-top or marble flooring depending upon your needs or look you are going. There are diverse types of marbles available depending upon the color and texture.

Elegant Marble

Source: theglampad.com

Warm Wood Tones:

You can add wood to your kitchen to make it look modern. You also feel close to nature. Add some warm colors to your wall or some open wood shelves. You can also add some wooden stools to your breakfast area. It will give you a warm and cozy feeling, and it looks stylish and modern as well as.

Warm Wood Tones

Source: thespruce.com

Cook Outside:

The outdoor kitchen is outside of the house. In this type of open kitchen, you can cook, prepare a meal, and it is easy to clean. It keeps the food smell outside. If you are hosting a barbecue party or a get-together, this is an excellent option for you. It has a grilling machine, pizza oven, stove, and a cook-top.

Cook Outside

Source: cvhomemag.com

Homeowners who don’t want to renovate or invest money in remodelling their kitchen. They could achieve a modern looking kitchen by adding the latest technology appliances. They can add a new refrigerator, cook-top, a dishwasher which are matching with the rest of the kitchen. You can also add some extra chairs and tables of different shapes and sizes to get a fresh look. For more innovative ideas keep reading InteriorCraze.