11+ Trendy & Modern Italian Kitchen Design Ideas in 2022!

Italian kitchen design ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is a Universal truth! So why not make this vital part of the house a better place so that your family will love to enjoy preparing meals for you. Are you looking to renovate or update your home kitchen? If Yes, how about having an Italian kitchen design? 

Many people start imagining Italian kitchen designs with rustic, old-world styles, but that is the half-truth. Actually, the Italian design consists of traditional, rustic, contemporary, and sleek styles. From modern appliances to materials and layout, this kitchen type will provide you with the right blend of modern technology and tradition to satisfy all your kitchen needs. 

No matter what your routine or habits are, Italian kitchen designs will fulfill your and your family’s needs while keeping everything in style. It will provide you enough comfort while cooking, cleaning, and even eating in your home. Isn’t that great? 

When it comes to fashion, architecture, or interior design, Italy always comes first in our minds, right? Similarly, when we think about the latest kitchen designs! They’re slick and sleek designs with integrated appliances and streamlined style. They’re also known for high-quality craftsmanship, materials, and design, which makes them one of the popular kitchen design choices. 

It has everything luxurious and functional, from marble countertops to clean lines of stainless steel, wood, or silk laminate. Today in this blog, we’ve compiled some of the finest Italian kitchen design ideas from the world to give you some inspiration. It has everything luxurious and functional, from marble countertops to clean lines of stainless steel, wood, or silk laminate.

Today in this blog, we’ve compiled some of the finest Italian kitchen design ideas from the world to give you some inspiration. So are you excited to give some luxury and glam to your old boring kitchens?

15+ Stunning Italian Kitchen Design Ideas in 2022!

Below are sixteen kitchen designs with Italian interiors. They feature smooth designs, clean lines, spacious and storage spaces, in short, modern yet completely practical kitchen designs select the one that you feel will be best for you and as per your home style.

1. Industrial Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen design

Source: cloudfront.net

This kitchen setup includes most things in steel or metals, which is creating a stylish and professional look; that’s why it is fair to say it is an industrial kitchen style. From sinks to countertops and storage racks are entirely made of stainless steel. The huge sloping windows not only illuminate the space with natural light but also are adding elegance to the style. 

This brightens the area and it is perfect for cooking and preparing delicious meals. The refrigerator, the beautiful pendant lights, and copper cutlery complement the whole decor style and are adding a sophistication touch to the kitchen.

2. Contrasting Colors & Textures

Italian kitchen design

Source: decoraideas.com

Italian kitchen design is not only just about one element, but you can include various colors and textures if you want. Look at the above cook place; here, contrasting texture finishes have been used all over. For example, here, dark porcelain or slate is combined with wood, and super matte black cabinets look really elegant with warm metal sinks in bronze. 

Try to use cabinet handles in matt black, satin nickel, tin, or antique brass, as they’re the popular ones right now. You can balance out these elements with natural organic materials such as wooden details for the island or the floor of wide planks of wide wood.

3. Include Greenery

Italian kitchen design

Source: designmag.it

The modern kitchen has elements like clean interiors, high-quality materials, and functionality, but one thing is so important but still, most people forget about it. We’re talking about the atmosphere of the kitchen.

To create a peaceful and to bring tranquility, always include plants. Indoor plants will automatically raise the vibration and make your cooking area more pleasant to cook for your loved ones.

4. Modern Italian Kitchen

Italian kitchen design

Source: amazonaws.com

Traditional Italian kitchens are beautiful, but not every home in Italy has a rustic kitchen or isn’t designed with Tuscan opulence in mind.

If you’re looking for a modern option, take a look at the above picture. Nowadays, kitchens with open and sprawling floor plans with seating options that allow for socializing are the most trendy ones.

5. Lived-in Luxury Styled Kitchen

Italian kitchen design

Source: hzcdn.com

What do you think about this luxurious cooking place? This has a feeling of a vacation villa, but the only difference will be that you’re living here for many years. 

From the globe chandelier to the all-white storage cabinets, everything looks aesthetically pleasing but also retains that lived-in charm with heirloom utensils or serving pieces. If you like this kind of look, you can also bring this blend of relaxed elegance and lived-in luxury to your home. 

6. Integrated Kitchens

Italian kitchen design

Source: secondhandapp.com

Day by day, our living spaces are shrinking. Now we have to use our spaces wisely as we share places with our family. Now in one space, we eat, work or rest or do other things, right? These days kitchens are specifically designed in such a way that they allow spaces to be shared and offer more versatility and design flexibility.

For example, integrated kitchens also include a dining table, which also works as a work table. This helps more interaction within the home and easily creates a social environment. Kitchen islands are kept in open-plan so that you can interact with other people while preparing food. 

7. Contemporary Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen design

Source: decoist.com

Love this futuristic-looking kitchen? Convert your old kitchen into this ultra-modern one and enjoy cooking in your dream kitchen. It has a chic design that includes a central island that can also be used as a dining area. 

All the appliances and storage cabinets are beautifully sealed within the wall, which makes the space look clean and spacious. On the top, open shelving and recessed lights have been used to add glamour to the area. Also, the large round lamp complements the décor perfectly.

8. Classic White Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen design

Source: italianbark.com

These are the Scandinavian-style interiors of the beautiful kitchen in Milan. This total white concept will definitely be new for some people, but it is commonly seen in many places in Italy. 

This type of contemporary-style cooking area is perfect for small spaces or open floor plans. Here everything from a dining table to the storage cupboards and countertops is kept in pure white color. If you like this trend, you can also follow this monochrome color scheme in your new kitchen. 

9. Bring Outside In

Italian kitchen design

Source: pinimg.com

Do you feel restricted or congested in your kitchen? This happens with many people as they have small kitchens or don’t have proper ventilation. If you feel the same, you should definitely try these types of kitchens. 

Here, one side is completely open to the outdoors. The benefit of doing this is that you can bring outside energy into your indoors. If you love outdoor dinner parties, these types of kitchens will be perfect for you.

10. Combination Of Wood & stone

Italian kitchen design

Source: idealhomedecor.net

Marble, quartz, and wood: these three materials have always been a classic combination. Whether it is the kitchen or any other part of the house, you’ll never get bored using these elements. 

Previously, dark wood flooring was quite popular, and nowadays, light wood such as white oak can be seen everywhere. The reason is that you can actually hide much more scratches and indelible stains in comparison to darker wood. You can also use them as a coating for walls, floors, and even countertops.

11. Black Beauty

Italian kitchen design ideas

Source: blogspot.com

Similar to white interiors, another contrasting color is Black, and we’re not talking about just having a few elements or decors in black, but we’re talking about having an entire kitchen in black. Look at the above picture; isn’t it a lavishing and luxurious-looking cooking area? This will be your inspiration for a modern Italian kitchen that you’re looking for. 

12. Brick Style Studio Kitchen

Italian kitchen design ideas

Source: cloudinary.com

Do you have an apartment with a double loft floor plan? If yes, then this type of design will be best for you. This is a studio apartment with a double-high loft in Milan. The rough bricks are creating industrial vibes without looking overwhelmed. 

13. L Shape Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen design ideas

Source: woodynody.com

Compared to other designs, an L-shape kitchen design conserves a lot of space as the counter is aligned to the walls. So, if you’re living in compact areas, go for an L- shaped Italian kitchen design. 

You can also add large wooden beams and a beautiful wooden finish to create a traditional cottage-style kitchen look. Accordingly, include two tables and hanging lamps to add glamour and statement lighting to the look. 

14. Sleek & Modern Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen design ideas

Source: amazonaws.com

Love minimalism? This kitchen design will perfectly suit your desires. This contemporary kitchen with few but functional things will catch the attention of people. 

15. Soft Pastel Pink Kitchen

Italian kitchen design ideas

Source: pinimg.com

Not a fan of bold designs and crazy colors? Go for this shade; it is an old rose or soft pastel pink color that will look good in any Italian kitchen design. With the simple decors and fewer appliances, this will be a great option to select. 

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16. Why Woodn’t

Italian kitchen design ideas

Source: hzcdn.com

Yes, go for entire wood interiors that will look like a traditional Italian kitchen with a modern twist. This will look unique and elegant. With a few hints of white elements such as a white countertop and chairs, you can give your cooking area a classy touch. 

The Bottom Line

So, which kitchen is your favorite one? Honestly, Italian kitchen design is all about creating a free-flowing open kitchen space that includes simple but elegant materials and natural elements. Before deciding on the final design. Consider a few things such as the size of your existing kitchen/area, budget, and materials. This will help you select the best interiors for your home without spending a fortune.

I hope these modern Italian kitchen design ideas have inspired you to build your dream kitchen. If you find these interior designing blogs helpful, share them with your friends and family. For more home designing and improvement ideas, keep coming to Interiorcraze.