21+ Modern Fireplace Mantels Idea: Upgrade the Heart of Your House


A fireplace is the heart of a house. So while renovating or decorating the place, the first thing to do is decorate modern fireplace mantels. The place you or any other person will notice is the fireplace mantel. Winters bring you closer to the fireplace. Weekends go sitting near it and reading books with a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. Summers may not need a fireplace to lighten up, but it should look beautiful anyways. No. Matter. What!

You would have seen your grandmother or mother decorating the mantel according to the season, or redesigning it from time to time. This year take the duty on your shoulders and amaze them by decorating it with a modern fireplace mantels concept.

Be it your first time decorating the mantel or you have done it before, we are here to help you with inexplicably astounding fireplace mantel ideas to enhance this year. Let 2020 be full of inspirational quotes and bring back old things with modernization.

Embrace the Natural Element

 modern fireplace mantels

source: pinterest.com

Even home needs a bit of nature’s touch. And no place is greater than the fireplace. It will catch the attention of your guests. Place the different sizes of pots with green plants in the hearth (make it possible to move it for use). And place decorative plants with antique pots on the mantel. To blend in everything, place the frame.

Make the Painting a Focal Point

 modern fireplace mantels

Image source: ohsolovingly.com

Are you an artist? Or an art lover? This one is best for your place if you are one of them—the colorful yet soothing outlook. Sky blue wall with colorful paintings and worn off fireplace is going well with each other.

The decorative glass vases and one golden pineapple-shaped pot with a backsplash of abstract painting are creating a chilly vibe. The old-style table with a brass pot is going well with the arrangement.

Rustic Decorations for the Mantel

 modern fireplace mantels

source: pinterest.com

Rustic always catches the attention, be it in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. For having a rustic look incorporated in the fireplace mantel, you will need to go with a stone, brick, or wood element. Here the owner has piled up the stoned tiles way up the wall. Its combination with the white wall is letting it scream out.

The mantel is also painted in pearl white and decorated with small decorative plants, candles, and antique wooden wall clocks. The whole arrangement is looking cozy and soothing.

Pearl White Fireplace Mantel

 modern fireplace mantels

Image source: dexorate.com

It isn’t necessary to adorn the wall with something. Something plain can also be the center of attraction. People who like to stay minimalistic will love this idea.

Go for the marble tiling for the fireplace surround and pearl white color for the entire place. For the column and base stones go for the black color, it will give a definite look. And for mantel decoratives (Yeah! we said keep it simple). The elements we are listing aren’t ornaments, they are essentials. Go for a round mirror with a golden frame and black pot with a green plant.

And tada! You are good to go.

Use Bricks for Fireplace Surround

 modern fireplace mantels

source: scavengerchic.com

Fireplace surrounds are equally important. They create the focal point as well as lessens the need for extra decorative pieces. Like the above one!

Here the house planner has opted for the brick as the fireplace surrounds. The cream grout with red brick color is giving the farmhouse look. And the contrasting matte black firebox is complementing it. The seagrass basket for kindlings and decorative rustic metal tiffin and floor hanger on the hearth extension is looking good. 

Black and White Combination


source: bbqguys.com

The most classic color combination is black and white. It can never disappoint you. You will need to worry less about the decorative hearth elements. The white and gray marble surrounds, and the rest of the fireplace in the black color is blending well. 

This electric firebox is easy to use and gives the real looking flame. Place books on one side and shell on another side with the painting as the focal point in the center is the best placement. The floor lamp and a snake plant on the side 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

 modern fireplace mantels

Image source: archzine.fr

Let people see their true selves. What we meant is, fix mirrors on the area above the mantel and ceramic pots and frames on the mantel. Those little white lamps on the wall are giving the perfect illuminated look.

Art on the show!

 modern fireplace mantels

source: bhg.com

Show your skills in getting the antique pieces home and creating the best out of the waste with this fireplace mantel idea.

Use worn-out or rusted wood to create a backdrop and a frame. Get a canvas and paint the initial on it, give it a watercolor effect or shaded effect whichever you want. Last but not least, cardboard covered in artifact paper and black one in the center of the firebox area will look good. Personalize it with a quote for your family or loved ones.

Simple yet Classic

 modern fireplace mantels

Image source: freshome.com

This one is a simple and classic arrangement of decoratives on the mantel. The octagonal mirror with wooden frame and antique lamps & candle stands are giving out a minimalistic look. Ceramic tile fireplace surrounds and white mantel is going well with each other.

Antiques on Display

Antiques on Display

source: homyracks.com

Display your collectibles. Show off the collection of antiques you got with yourself. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to stay updated about the old pieces and to pick up things from the garage sale. So what you have is already pretty good and admiring!

Antler on the Mantel

Antler on the mantel

Image source: viktorblogger.com

Stick up the antler on the wall above the mantel. And let mantel be the place to keep the things—kind of a key or candle holder. Or you can place the green table runner on it.

Mini Library on the Mantel

Mini Library on the Mantel

source: wsj.com

Give your books a place in the living room. You have got a mind-blowing collection of books to read (or say to show them off!) Mantel is the best place to keep! It will keep you reminded that you need to read at least one book a week or a day.

Functional Mantel

Functional Mantel

Image source: waypointlivingspaces.com

Adorning everything can look tedious, but functional things never go off the list. If you think from the mom’s point of view, storage places or cabinets are always less in the house, an addition in it will make things easier to store. So get a cabinet or hideaway cupboard built on the mantel.

Give the Cultural touches

 modern fireplace mantels

source: hgtv.com

You know best about your culture. And you should be proud of it. Show it off to everyone, your friends, colleagues, relatives, and everyone. How? By decorating your mantel with cultural elements like the one in the image. Be it in the form of antiques, painting, quotes, anything. 

Raise the bar!

 modern fireplace mantels

Image source: archdaily.com

Not the jail bar! Raise the level of your mantel to the higher position. This way, you can incorporate the tiles or any form of wall element to the fullest. Get the woods for walls and ceiling too and stone for the chimneypiece.

Metallic Mantel

Metallic Mantel

source: pinterest.com

For this, either you can go for a metallic color or a real metal. Build the traditional fireplace if you want to go for the metallic color, but if you want to have a real metal as the element, then go for the modern fireplace. That will eliminate the mantel but will add an elegant look to the area.

Create a backdrop for the focus on a wall

Image source: thespruce.com

Last but not least, make the whole wall the focal point. What we meant is, let the fireplace wall be highlighted with the wallpaper or the dark color. Color that section in a different color than the entire room. 

 modern fireplace mantels

source: houzz.com

 modern fireplace mantels

Image source: virginiasweetpea.com

 modern fireplace mantels

source: laurelberninteriors.com

 modern fireplace mantels

Image source: bestfireplaceideas.com

 modern fireplace mantels

source: houzz.com

Let the Heart of Your House (Fireplace Mantel) Catch the Attention

So these were the ideas that will help you in decorating the fireplace mantel elegantly. You can mix and match the options to get out-of-the-box results. Whatever your style is, it should get reflected in the decoration. So what are you waiting for? Get going! People are always in search of new ideas, and so are we, if you have some other fireplace mantel ideas, do let us know in the comment section below! 

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