Tips to Pull-off Bohemian Interior Design With an Ease

less black furniture

It’s the time to say hello to the hidden interior designing in you who is in no mood to decorate the house with the same and old conventional ideas. If you are in the mood to create something sizzling and beautiful that will reflect your free-spirit personality, then congratulation, we are here to take your mood to the next level. We are here with the bohemian interior design ideas that will surely lighten up your home beauty and you. So, in this post, you will be learning characteristics of bohemian style decor and some tips to create the sizzling home decor.

Are you ready for electrifying decor?


Let’s Understand Bohemian Style

To introduce the bohemian style in your home, let’s grab some basic information about it. Bohemian is derived from the French term bohemianism, which means an unconventional lifestyle, so Bohemian style relates to something which is a free spirit, flowy and unusual.  

So, this was little catch up about the bohemian style meaning, so let’s understand now boho style. The best and unique feature of this style is that it consists of a perfect blend of patterns, textures, and colors for a striking result. This style helps to establish the interior that is interesting and lively, just like your personality. Another feature is that no two rooms are exactly alike to each other. 

Catch up Some Tips For Your Bohemian Mission!

Variety of Textures



The prime USP of the Bohemian home is that you can add as many textures you want as it never limits you in trying different textures. And adding texture is not limited just upholstery, there are several other doors that often forget to knock for a perfect texture. So, before you go, have a quick glance at these options:

  • Artwork and stacks of books
  • Baskets
  • Colorful Persian or Turkish rugs
  • Planters made of different kinds of materials
  • Macrame wall hangings
  • Natural fiber rugs
  • Wood furniture

Low-Level Seating

low level seating


Boho’s philosophy lies in the idea of chilling and relaxing, and one such setting can be achieved by low-level seating. Create a gorgeous seating area with leather poufs, bean bag chairs, floor pillows, and soft ottomans. 

Avoid too much BLACK in Furniture

less black furniture


Try to stay away from black and a large piece of furniture as they end up in creating ambiguity and heaviness in the room. While light color wood boosts a clean backdrop, you can add one or two dark color elements to create the focal point. 

Plants, Please!

bohemian style with plants


Plants never go wrong with any type of decor style. It is one of the easy and best ways to boost the positive vibe in the atmosphere. Decorate the living space with the vining plants and hanging plants to add visual interest to your space. Many designers prefer cacti for the boho style, but you can use your favorite ones. 

 A Perfect Blend of Light

Bohemian interior design


All types of lights, whether candles, string lights, funky chandeliers, are ideal for boho style decor. Choose any kind of light, but natural fiber pendants work like magic. Even you can use rustic pendant to give a classic and refreshing look to the place. 

 Layer Rugs



Layer rugs work like an oasis in the desert, it gives an opportunity to mix patterns and beautiful colors with ease. While placing it make sure to place a bright pattern over the natural fiber rug as it helps to add more texture to the room. 

Happy Decoration

While decorating your space with the boho style. You can do countless experiments with the vintage and colorful stuff to give a lively look. Bohemian interior design allows you to experiment on things that feel you right. So it would be safe to say that there is no rule to follow while using boho style. We wish all the best to create an electrifying and beautiful space with the boho style home decor, but make sure to keep coming to InteriorCraze for incredible ideas.